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Password Saver 4.1

Password Saver allows you to securely store important information
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Password Saver is a useful and easy-to-use program that allows you to securely store important information such as passwords of e-mail accounts, credit cards, web site accounts, software serials, and more. It has more than ten different cryptographic algorithm options to encrypt your information.

Its user interface is very intuitive; on the left panel it displays a tree view with the stored records and allows you to create folders to arrange the information. On the right panel, you can view the information contained in each record in detail.

Additionally, Password Saver allows you to copy the records to the clipboard, export them to TXT or XML files, and print them. It lets you import information from CSV files and includes a password generator that gives you the option to create secure passwords with the combination of numbers, small or capital letters, and special symbols. Besides that, it adds even more security by creating a backup file when closing the application, if the information is changed.

In conclusion, I consider that the program is really worth the price. I tested it on Windows 7 and it works perfectly. You can try it before you decide to buy it.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • It allows you to use different cryptographic algorithm options to encrypt your information
  • You can copy to clipboard, and import or export records
  • You can create folders to arrange your information
  • You can sort the records alphabetically
  • It includes a password generator
  • It includes a finder to locate easily folders, records or fields
  • It creates a backup file automatically


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